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Restorative Cleaner

This letter of continuing guarantee certifies: 

Split! Restorative Cleaner is safe and effective for general cleaning of all surfaces in food processing plants (including USDA inspected facilities) and foodservice facilities when used as directed. There are no use limitations for this product other than it should not come in contact with food and is not to be used in excess of its functional purpose. 

Intro to Split!

Intro to Split!

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"Our revolutionary Split! Non-Detergent Cleaners contains no detergent at all!"
 – Steve McLaughlin

These industrial strength cleaners work not by sticking to soil, as detergents do, but by splitting the soil (all types of organic, non-solid molecules) into its smallest particles of matter, essentially blasting it into small enough bits that it can simply be wiped away.
The true revolution in this product is that Non-Detergent Cleaning with Split! gives you a truly clean surface. Split! removes tough soil, biofilm, and even old detergent residues, leaving nothing behind to attract more dirt. 

Split Color
Non-Slip Epoxy with Oreck
No-Wax Floor Pics
No-Wax Floor 2
Split! (2) Restorative Tile &  Grout
Pirelli SPLIT 8
Split Carpet Demo 3
Baltimore Aquarium Tile &  Grout

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