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The Camel

Combined with our non-detergent Split! cleaners and our Split! two pad system will out-perform
any other carpet chemical and delivery systems in side-by-side testing. Ideal for carpet and hard

Low moisture cleaning machine

new camel photo.png

With Split! Non-Detergent cleaning
products and your Camel

Low-Moisture floor machine, there is no job too difficult. Our unique Split! Non-Detergent cleaning products are incredibly powerful yet they contain no solvents, no VOCs, no oxidizing agents (like hydrogen peroxide), and NO odor!

Camel Schematics


Pad Driver

Maximum low-moisture
cleaning results.
Provides the perfect
amounts of agitation
and moisture needed
to split stubborn soils,
stains and detergent

Nylon Brush


Nylon Brush for 17 inch floor machine with universal clutch plate. 

Slotted Cleaning Pad

blend to split/clean
the soil, yet not
absorb the split
material. Has slots to
allow brushes from
driver to agitate soil.

Clean Grit Brush

bristles to get
down into grout as
it scrubs the floor.
Fine bristles work
well in small and
large grout lines.

Cotton Wiping Pad

Cotton blend
designed to absorb
split material as it
dries the carpet
fibers. Over-sized to
allow wiping of
baseboards, etc. .

Pad Driver

pad driver.png

Pad Driver for 17 inch floor machine, with universal clutch plate.

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