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Spencer Schnurman

Spencer is your manufacturer rep for Split! products in eastern Pennsylvania, the New York area, New Jersey, and Delaware. Spencer has 8 years of experience working with branch distributor management, sales staff, and end users developing sales tools for distribution products.   

Spencer’s role is:

  • Developing and expanding the BR Reps website, adding and expanding Split! sales tools for the BR Reps website, and overseeing the production of video products for the BR Reps website

  • Working with branch management, sales staff, and end users with sales tool needs.

  • Calling on each branch location to work with branch management and the sales staff.

  • Training the sales staff about Split! products and helping with branch customers' on-site demonstrations.

  • Helping with branch customers' on-site classroom training and seminars.

Contact information:

Spencer Schnurman

(484) 510-4548

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