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Bic Raven Reps are manufacturer Representatives in Pennsylvania, the New York area, New Jersey, and Delaware. We represent Flat Rock Solutions and Split! products non-detergent cleaning concentrates out of North Carolina, ByoPlanet products from Athens Georgia, Essential Industries out of Merton, Wisconsin, and other industry manufacturers. We specialize in new industry specialty and breakthrough products that help drive new customer sales for distribution.  With over thirty years of experience in distribution ownership and management/sales, we are very connected to the issues distributors run into.



What we can offer our distributors:

  • Multiple product lines that are a differentiator in your marketplace.

  • Knowledge of where these products fit with your customer base.

  • Help with demonstrating and placing these products.

  • Set up classroom training and customer seminars.

  • Market new and potential customers you did not have the right cleaning solution for in the past.

  • Training distributor sales reps on how to use and sell Split! products, Essential products, and ByoPlanet products!

  • How to use the training tools available to extend the value of the products we help distribute to your customers.

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Our industry has become more media and technical driven in recent years. The need for sales people in our industry to have training tools and technical information addressing customer needs has never been higher. The end users for distributors have greater needs and expectations from their DSR’s and vendors, so we hope to help our distributors fill this need.

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