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VCT, LVT, Finished Hard Floors, and Finished Wood Floors.

  • Q – Can we use Split! on our finished VCT Floors? Right now, we are using daily, a neutral cleaner recommended by the manufacturer of the floor finish we use.

  • A – Yes, Split! works great. You could have a buildup of residue from using detergent based cleaners. You would be able to see it. It looks like a film on the floor that you don’t see when you first observe a freshly finished floor. We recommend first cleaning with the Restorative Cleaner, using a floor machine or an auto-scrubber. Rinse the floor with water after you are finished. If you look at the floor and feel you have removed the residue, then mop or auto-scrub with Split! Non-Detergent (Green label) at 2 oz. per gallon from then on as your daily cleaner. This will guarantee great cleaning results and no more residue.

  • Q – Can we us Split! on our finished wood floors, like our gym floor?

  • A – Split! works very well on Gym floors and finished wood floors. The same idea as VCT, if the surface is safe to put water on it, then it is safe to use Split!. You will be surprised many times when using Split! on a gym floor how much residue and dirt has built up over time on a floor you thought was reasonably clean. Many times, we forget how good that floor really looked when it was originally finished. Just like VCT, you can restore first and then daily mop, or auto-scrub as needed.

  • Q - How does Split! work on epoxy and stone floors? Our installer told us to use only their product they recommend.

  • A – Their concern is they don’t want you using something that will truly damage the floor, so they recommend an easy to use solution that will not ruin the floor. However, this does not mean that their cleaning solution is the best choice, or it does not have its own issues. All the cleaning solutions we have been exposed to for these type of floors are detergent based cleaners. These cleaners leave residue and buildup film. These cleaners cause quicker re-soiling. The same as I recommended for VCT, you can use Split! as your daily cleaner. First, use the Restorative Cleaner if needed, then daily clean with the Non-Detergent cleaner at recommended dilutions. Also – we have national contractors that install these floors and only recommend Split! after installations for cleaning. That way, the floor always looks like new, no residue, just clean.

  • Q - LVT, or luxury vinyl tile is something we are now seeing in many medical facilities and retail. As a contractor, we need a better way to handle the cleaning. Many of our floors are starting to look bad in a brief period of time. There are dirty “grout” lines, film on the floor, haze and almost stained marks that we cannot mop off with our present cleaner.  Your Thoughts?

  • A – LVT is not going away. And yes, it can be a real problem to clean if it wasn’t cleaned correctly from the beginning. Split! works fantastic on LVT. You can restore the floors just like a grouted floor. Make sure you match a safe brush or pad when cleaning to the floor type. You want that brush or pad to be effective, but not damage the floor. Mop enough Split! Restorative Cleaner down on the floor surface so it will stay wet and allow it to dwell for a few minutes. Scrub, wet-vacuum, then mop rinse with water. Once you have cleaned the LVT to the point it is back to its original look, plan on daily mopping or auto-scrubbing with Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner.

  • Q - How does Split! Restorative Cleaner or Split! Non Detergent Cleaner work as top scrub cleaner for scrub and re-coats for VCT and other finished floors? Also, what is the cleaning process.

  • A - Both products work great. Split! will remove soiled areas as a top scrubber you didn't think were possible to be removed without actually stripping the floor. If you have a very soiled floor that needs heavy duty scrubbing before a re-coat, then use the Restorative Cleaner. A process would be to use an auto-scrubber with blue or green pads or a floor machine with a blue or green pads and pickup the solution with a wet vacuum. With the auto-scrubber - double scrub (leaving the solution down for a few minutes before re-scrubbing and picking it up with the built in the vacuum system). With the floor machine, mop down a heavy diluted amount of product on the floor, give it a few minutes of dwell time, scrub the floor slow enough to be thoroughly removing the soil built into the top of the finish, and then pick up the solution with the wet vacuum. Damp mop/rinse with clear water or auto-scrub with clear water. Let dry completely, Then apply one or two coats of floor finish (depending on the solids content and type of finish you are using). 

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