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Split! Non-Detergent Cleaner (Green label)

  • Q – Can you provide recommended dilution ratios for the Non-Detergent Cleaner?

  • A – Here it is!

  • Q – When do I move from restoration cleaning with the purple labeled Restorative Cleaner to the Non-Detergent green labeled cleaner?

  • A – As soon as you remove all the existing residue on the surfaces you are trying to restore. Test the surfaces you have restored by scrubbing an area to see if the foam/suds. If you have no foam, you should be clear to start using Non-Detergent daily.

  • Q – I cannot restore all my floors at once that need to be restored. This will be done over a 6-month period of time. But, I wish to use Split! Non-Detergent now for all of our cleaning to achieve the no biofilm results. What do you recommend?

  • A – You can use Non-Detergent right away if you wish, understanding that you will be removing some residue on the floors each time you auto-scrub or mop. It is good that you will be removing some of the residue. It may create (it also may not) a light film on the floor after it is dried from the residue pulled up and left behind. This can be solved by doing a water rinse and damp mop in areas where this appears. It also might not be visually significant enough that you must do anything about it. This all depends on how soiled the floors are that you are working on. When it comes to cleaning bathroom surfaces, touchpoints, vertical and horizontal surfaces, and spray and wiping, the sooner you start using the Non-Detergent Cleaner to remove biofilm and residue in your building, the better off you will be. So----Go get em!

  • Q - We need a solution for our athletic facility to clean the building in total, but to have available for the gym members a product that they can wipe off the machines and mats they use when finished working out. It needs to be safe. We are getting too many complaints about the disinfectant we are using, and it creates a sticky surface on all of our equipment. What is your recommendation?

  • A – Split! Non-Detergent will work great for exactly what you are asking for. As a daily cleaner for your staff, you can clean all the hard surfaces in the whole building with Non- Detergent; touchpoints, floors, etc. The gym members will love using the product because it does not have any odor, cleans, and leaves no residue. You can guarantee the gym members that they are removing all the biofilm for a cleaner, healthier environment.

  • Q – Can we use Non- Detergent in a daycare?

  • A – Split! Non- Detergent in a daycare is a great choice. There are requirements they must follow for using disinfectants (see FAQ under Biolfilm and ATP Removal; Split! and Disinfectants). As a daily cleaner, Split! is hypoallergenic and so much safer than using a disinfectant or bleach. Plus, it is more effective at removing all of the biofilms and leaving no residue.

  • Q – We plan to clean our restrooms top to bottom with Split! Non-detergent daily. What do you recommend for cleaning the mirrors/glass?

  • A – Spray and Wipe with the Non-Detergent Cleaner at 4 oz per gallon like you are doing in the rest of the restroom. Then use a dry cotton cloth or microfiber cloth to go back over the mirrors removing any possible marks or smudges. Remember, Split!  is a Green product and it does not contain drying agents. So, you do not need to use as much product on the mirrors to clean them thoroughly. Just a light mist will clean and remove all the biofilm from the mirrors.

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