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Grouted Tile Cleaning

  • Q – Why am I seeing detergent like foam when restoring the grout with Split! Restorative Cleaner when Split! isn’t supposed to create foam?

  • A – What you are experiencing is the removal of detergent residue from the floor caused by previous cleanings with detergent based cleaners. The Split! cleaning restorative process could take a few times to completely remove the residue depending upon the level of buildup.

  • Q – When restoring the grouts in restrooms with Split! Restorative Cleaner, I am noticing a Uric Acid odor during the cleaning process. Why?

  • A – The Uric Acid, which most likely has been causing odor problems in the restroom, is releasing during the restorative process. You will notice various levels of this odor depending on how much uric acid has been buried in the residue and dirt on the floor. Be glad this is happening. This is evidence that the odors are being removed and when finished, you will have an odor free restroom.

  • Q – What machines and tools do I need for restorative work cleaning grouted tile?

  • A - We prefer to use a single disc floor machine with a grit brush, a pump-up sprayer, a mop bucket – wringer – and mop-mop handle setup, a grit deck brush and handle, a floor squeegee and a wet dry vacuum. You can use a small auto-scrubber instead of a floor machine and wet vacuum. A single disc floor machine will give you more pad weight per square inch for more effective scrubbing. A wet vacuum with a wand and a floor tool will allow you to pick up all the fluid on the floor, even in tight areas. If you have an Air Mover or commercial fan to dry the floor after the work is completed, this will help you see the final result of your work and get the restroom opened back up.

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