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Newsletter for Jun 10th 2020

Dear Customer,

Now in Split! 10th working year, we recognize the need to get the
word out, and demonstrate the value Split! brings to our customers.
Split! clearly defined differences are:

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Split! is a patented Non- Detergent cleaner.

  • Split! will clean heavily soiled hard and soft floors and bring your hard floors and carpet back to original.

  • Split! will remove all the residue and soil that was left behind from using detergent based cleaners.

  • Split! will leave no residue.

  • Split! will remove all ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) while getting a reading of ZERO on an ATP meter.

  • Split! requires no dwell time to remove all ATP.

  • Split! is Green Seal Certified.

  • Split! has professional tools for training your employees.

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Slotted Cleaning


Cotton Wiping Pad


Pad Driver

Please go to the Split! website -


We look forward to contacting you and setting up a time to demonstrate Split!

Stu Schnurman
Split! - Bic Raven Reps
10050 Pinto Drive East
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

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Rubber Floor Duplex Split (1).jpg
Cleaned in One Pass
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Quarry Tile Before.JPG
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